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What is PCS System?


 - Sometimes dental clinics use higher air-pressure than recommended level which leads to early bearings failure. Pressure control system ensures only stable amount of pressure is provided while operation so the bearings would not be damaged. 








MOKO 220BT - L

  • Model   MOKO 220BT-L
    Material  Stainless Steel+Titanium 
    Head type  Standard head
    Bur Rotation Speed  RPM 360,000~400,000
    Working Air Pressure   0.25Mpa - 0.35Mpa 
    Chuck Type  Push button type 
    Bur  ISO 1797-1 TYPE 3, 1.59MM-1.6MM STANDARD SHANK
    Max. Bur Length  25MM 
    Water Flow Value  ISO 14457 > 50ml / min
    Fiber Optic   NO 
    Spray Type  4 port water spray 
    Noise Level ≤ 65 dB
    TORQUE  25 WATT 
  • * The E-generator inside of the handpiece delivers high intensity and stable LED illumination.  

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