Perfect balance between torque & durability 

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MDK introduces our outstanding premium handpieces for your safe, comfortable and effective preparation.

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Commitment to Reliability 

MDK's Quality Assurance activities are centered on our factory manufacturing process and are executed by the Quality Control department. QC constantly feeds quality-related issues to R&D for improved product performance and compatibility according to the regulations.

Precision Crafted Performance

MDK introduces our premium cartridges produced with top-rated Ceramic bearings. 

With advanced balancing technology by long experience, MDK high speed handpieces runs with excellent cutting power and vibration-free at less than 65 dB(A).

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Titanium Body

Titanium is about 30 % lighter than conventional materials also strong, durable & corrosion resistant.


Control System

Pressure control system ensures only stable amount of air pressure is provided while operation.


Ball Bearing

Ceramic ball bearing generates less wear and less temperatures which increase the bearing’s speed capabilities and the life span compare to Steel ball bearings.


Water Spray

Multi-water spray generators most ideal cooling effect for the entire operation field.

Spindle-producing Technology

 Our advanced technology ensures the clamping force, bur’s extracting force is higher than 30N.


Optic System

Our glass optic system enhances operator visibility with a brighter, whiter light.

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