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Introducing the ELICURE PRO, designed for dental professionals to providing quality dental operation. ELICURE PRO has a 360-degree rotatable head and ergonomic body design for comfort use. 
A wider spectrum provides a more efficient and faster curing experience.


Wave Length

Output strength by mode type
High Mode : 2300~3000 mW/cm^2 (Peak: 2700 mW/cm^2)
Standard Mode : 1000~1200 mW/cm^2

High Mode : 1, 3 second * In High model, 2 mm Resin curing in 1 second. Standard Mode : 5, 10, 15, 20 second


The ELICURE Pro is a wireless handpiece type that provides excellent grip and easy oral access. Design the center of gravity in consideration of ergonomics to provide excellent usability.


A 360-degree rotatable head allows access from all angles.


A 360-degree rotatable head allows access from all angles.

High power 5W BLUE LIGHT LED 

Upgraded Wide Spectrum 

2700 mw/cm^2

the wide spectrum curing light is 385~515 nm (with highest 

intensity upto 2700 mW/cm^2, curing 2mm resin in one second. 

High Capacity Battery 

400+ TIMES 

If you are curing 10 times at a time, use up to 400 times before recharging.

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Product information and purchase inquiries

Contact us at to learn more about our Restorative product or to inquire about your purchase. 

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